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West Nipissing Ouest

West Nipissing is located along the Highway 17 (Trans Canada highway) corridor within close driving distance from North Bay, Ontario to the East and Sudbury, Ontario to the West. With over 100 kilometers of shoreline on beautiful Lake Nipissing, from Meadowside all the way to North Monetville, amongst several other local lakes, rivers and streams, West Nipissing is an amalgamated community with over 15,000 residents.  Sturgeon Falls is the administrative and business core of West Nipissing, which also counts Verner, Cache Bay, Crystal Falls, Caderette, Lavigne, North Monetville, Field, Kipling, Desaulniers, River Valley and other small towns.

Boasting some of the most beautiful scenery, woodland and waterway access and diversity of wildlife in Northern Ontario, West Nipissing is an ideal setting to raise a family. And, with a strong local trade pool and nearby Universities in North Bay and Sudbury, it is also an ideal area to own and operate businesses of all types and sizes. Fishing, hunting, camping, snowmobiling, boating – these are just some of the countless activities available.

Welcome to West Nipissing!
Le Nipissing Ouest se situe le long du Hwy 17 (Trans Canadien) a 20 minutes de North Bay, Ontario et 50 minutes de Sudbury, Ontario. Avec au delà de 100km du Nipissing Ouest qui longe le Lac Nipissing, de Meadowside allant vers North Monetville, un de plusieurs lacs et rivières, le Nipissing Ouest est une communauté amalgamé qui compte au delà de 15,000 résidents.  Sturgeon Falls est le coeur administratif du Nipissing Ouest, qui comprend, entres autres, les villes et villages de Verner, Cache Bay, Crystal Falls, Caderette, Lavigne, North Monetville, Field, Kipling, Desaulniers, et River Valley.

Le Nipissing Ouest comprend des plus beaux paysages, de forêts, accès et l’une des plus grandes diversités de faune dans le nord de l’Ontario. Un endroit idéal pour élever une famille il est également un endroit idéal pour entreprises de tous genres. Pêche, chasse, camping, motoneige, bateau – ce sont quelques-unes des innombrables activités disponibles.

Bienvenue au Nipissing Ouest!

Welcome to West Nipissing!

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